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Viewing your search results - Expert vs TL;DR

There are two search modes available in Kaito MetaSearch: Expert mode and TL;DR mode. Here's a breakdown of each mode:

  1. Expert Mode: When using Expert mode, the search engine will provide detailed and extensive results, allowing users to delve into various sources and gather in-depth information. This mode is suitable for users who require a thorough understanding of a particular subject and want to explore multiple perspectives, research papers, articles, forums, or any other relevant sources.

  2. TL;DR Mode: TL;DR stands for "Too Long; Didn't Read." This mode is designed for when users prefer a summarized overview or a concise summary of the project or topic they are interested in. TL;DR mode is particularly useful for users who are looking for a high-level understanding or want to get an easily digestible overview before diving into more detailed information.

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