Advanced Keyword Search

Kaito's keyword search bar supports Boolean operators to enable users to construct complex search queries by combining multiple operators and keywords. This allows users to create highly specific and targeted queries to retrieve the most relevant results.

How do I find the advanced search options?

Click on the “Book” icon (appears as "advanced search option") in the topic search bar to check for the Boolean operators that Kaito supports, including “AND”, “OR”, exact match, case-sensitive search etc.


These operators are case sensitive (“or” does not work. It should be “OR”)

(eg. $TAO OR Bittensor)

Then, is keyword search also case sensitive?

NO! Kaito's keyword search is 1) case insensitive and 2) exact match.

For example, a search for 'catalyst' will not pick up results that include "catalysts" due to our logic being written in such a way to balance the trade-off between precision and recall. In this case, users can use the advanced search operator to search for ”catalyst OR catalysts“ to return their desired results.


If you are searching phrases (>1 word) in combination with the OR function, using parentheses ( ) is a must as operators in parentheses are acted on first.

EX) if you do a search of the topics DeFi OR account abstraction, this needs to be DeFi OR (account abstraction) otherwise you are effectively searching for (DeFi OR Account) AND abstraction !!

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