TL;DR Mode

If you would like to receive a summary of the information surfaced in your search, you can toggle over to the TL;DR mode. Here, Kaito utilizes LLM to summarize thousands of search results in seconds and presents this in an easily digestible layout, with sections such as recent developments, third-party coverage, opinions (bullish/bearish sentiments) etc.

PRO tip:

  • The TL;DR mode works for any time window, and any filters you apply! If you switch to last 24 hours, it will only summarize results in the last 24 hours

Source Tracking

The TL;DR mode utilizes LLM to summarize information from the selected sources. The source tracking function allows you to link back to the original source from which the information was taken from, avoiding β€˜AI hallucination’ problems. Click on the numbered bubble at the end of each sentence to track the source.

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