Expert Mode

Expert Mode

Our Expert mode provides a comprehensive overview of the topic being searched and lists the curated results from your search. At a glance, you can view a graph with the mentions and engagement statistics on the right-hand side dashboard, as well as the full list of underlying sources on the left-side bar. From here, you can click into each individual source to explore further.

PRO tip:

We have advanced sorting algorithms in place to help users navigate and discover content in ways that didn’t exist before.

Advanced Sorting

You will be able to see the sorting algorithm options when you expand the "Sort:" box under the source tabs.

As an example, in our Twitter search, you can easily sort results based on:

  • Relevance (combination of all metrics)

  • Smart Engagement (engagement by the Crypto Twitter inner circle - typically much higher signal than overall engagement metric)

  • Engagement (overall engagement)

  • Author (ranking based on a social graph)

  • Bookmark (number of bookmarks received)

  • Length (Length of the tweet & thread)

  • Date

You can also filter your search results within a specific source; check out Within-source optimisation

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