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Kaito MetaSearch is a search platform based on Keyword search.

There are two search bars: Ticker Search on the left side and Topic Search on the right.

Project (Ticker) Search

To date, Kaito has indexed >600 tickers to enhance your keyword research. You can search for these tickers in the ‘Search Project’ box on the top left.

For the projects/tickers that have been indexed on our platform, the ticker's related keywords, such as its twitter handle, name of the token or project, have been tagged to the ticker via our rewriting logic. Thus, for example, when you search for the ticker "TAO," the search results show sources that mention its twitter handle (@opentensor) and the name of the protocol (Bittensor), in addition to the ticker "TAO".

PRO Tip:

Haven't found the ticker you were looking for? Head to Suggest a source to see if we can add it for you

Topic (Keyword) Search

Alternatively, you can search for thematic topics (or early stage projects that might not appear in the Ticker search) using the “Search Topic” box.

For example, you can search for topics like "account abstraction" or "Grayscale"

You can use ticker and keyword search bars either independently or in tandem to build your searches.

PRO tip:

  • For small projects, we suggest you to search a combination of $[coin name] OR [coin name] OR @[twitter handle] (ex. $DOME OR Everdome OR @everdome_io)

  • Utilize our advanced search options to make your search results more dynamic and accurate


The platform is based on keyword search, DO NOT search sentences or questions such as "what/why/how/when?".

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