The dashboard feature allows you to save a search and create a view specific to tokens and topics you want to monitor regular basis. You can also customise your dashboard to view results by 1) Content or 2) Sources and save down the ranking mechanism (eg. relevance, date etc) you prefer for each widget.

1) By Content includes:

  • Recent Developments

  • Third-Party Coverage

  • Podcast and Conference (mentions)

  • Community Activities

2) By Sources includes:

  • Twitter

  • News

  • Podcast

  • Conference

  • Research

  • ...and any kinds of sources that is indexed on the Kaito portal!

PRO tip:

  • Remember to customise your search so display dashboard results specific to the sources / content you want to see! eg.

    • Deselect Discord if you want to exclude Discord or;

    • Only select Twitter Space, Podcasts and Conferences if you want to limit to transcripts

  • You can set up based on different time windows (6m, 3m, 24h, etc) For example, 24h will help you track what happened within the last 24 hours.

  • It doesn't have to be just projects - specific topics like tokenization, Stablecoin, Bitcoin ETF can be added to dashboard to closely track those too!

Classic Mode vs. Compact Mode

Switch on compact mode to display a condensed version of your results and view more in your screen.

Full Screen Mode

You can also expand any individual widget into full screen mode to focus on those results specifically!

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