MetaInsight (Token Mindshare)

Token Mindshare Heatmap

The Token Mindshare provides an overview of a token's % mindshare on Twitter over time and versus other tokens via the heatmap.

This metric illustrates and quantifies the social dominance of a project on crypto Twitter and can help detect new narratives via changes in the mindshare, a factor that often correlates with pricing.

You can view the top ranked projects via the heatmap, and hover over each project to see how their mindshare has changed over time.

Pro Tip:

  • Toggle over to the lower ranks - Top 21-50 and Top 51-100, to monitor the smaller mindshare projects moving up and down the ranking and to uncover more insights!

Top Gainers and Losers

The tables on the left hand side display the top gainers and losers in mindshare for the time period you have selected. The results are displayed in absolute % point change and also % change relative to their previous mindshare. Explore these tables to discover interesting trends!

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